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Frequently asked questions

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Should we select a quartet or a trio. 
A string quartet covers the parts more fully than a trio and has a warmer sound.  The difference in volume is negligible so your choice should be based on the sound you prefer.  Listen to each and select the one you like best!  A string trio makes a beautiful sound and is a popular selection as well and is slightly lower in cost.  (more information click here)

trio quartet quartet studio recording

How do the musicians dress?    
o  Dress code is formal concert attire, tux/suite. 
    Black and white. 

How much time do we need for a wedding? 
 Every wedding is different, usually:
   o  prelude music as guests arrive. (15-30 min.)
  ceremony   (30-40 min.)
   o  exit of bridal party, postlude, music during photos
           and or drinks after ceremony (1/2 -1 hour)
dinner or reception (1-3 hours)

What do you require to perform?
o  The quartet requires only 4 upright chairs, without arms, and access to AC power. 

Do you play outdoors?  
o  Yes we do.  performance limitations

Do you play the reception?     
o  Yes.  Often the cocktail hour or whole dinner/reception as well as the ceremony.   

What if wedding and reception are in two different locations?  Does it cost more?   
o  Our charges are based on the length of the engagement from the beginning of the prelude to the end.  There are no additional fees to change venue. 

Do we need a PA system? 
o  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Click sound system for more information.  If you are having an outdoor event you should be sure your planner knows you have a string ensemble, and that they are seated close to your guests. 

Rehearsls: Do you usually play wedding rehearsals.
  Normally the quartet does not come to rehearsals.  The ensemble is very experienced and the expense of a rehearsal is usually not warranted.  Cost for a rehearsal (4 people) is $500.00 minimum.  Time beyond the initial 2 hours is billed at $200.00/ hour.  ($50.00/ person)

What for of payment do you take?
o  We require a $100.00 deposit with the performance agreement to hold your date.  Payment may be made by cash (in person), or by check. 

How soon do we need to book the musicians?      
o  We encourage you to book as early as is feasible.  Popular dates fill quickly.  We can often accommodate a last minute emergency, so don't hesitate to call if you get in a bind. 


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