Phoenix String Quartet Association Service Agreement

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Phoenix String Quartet Association Ensemble Service Agreement

To reserve your date by mail, please complete and return a signed copy of this agreement, along with a non-refundable retainer of $100.00 to 1101 E. Morrow Drive. Phoenix, AZ. 85024.

Performance Group: (circle desired group),
o Phoenix String Quartet,                                          o Scottsdale String Quartet,
o Chandler String Quartet,                                        o Tempe String Quartet
o Mesa String Quartet,                                              o Phoenix String Octet
o Phoenix String Orchestra,                                      o Scottsdale Philharmonic String Orchestra
o Scottsdale Philharmonic (full symphony orchestra)

Other: __________________________

Ensemble: (circle desired ensemble)
    Octet,   Quartet,   Trio, Duet,   Soloist

Date of event: __________ day of week: ________ Time: ________ total hrs contracted ______

(ie wedding, party): ______________________ Inside or Outside: ___________________

Begin Playing
(time): _______________ end playing (time) ________________
o The Client agrees to provide food for the musicians for contracted timeframes
that are 3 hours or longer.

Performance Location: _____________________________________________________
(ie. Phoenix Country Club)

Address of event
: ___________________________________________ City: __________________

State: _______ Zip: _______ site contact name: _____________________ Phone: _______________

Primary Contact
: Name:__________________________________Phone ______________________

cell phone ______________________ e-mail address: _____________________________________

Address: _____________________________ City: _____________________ State: _____, ZIP _____

Secondary Contact:
Name: ________________________________ Phone ____________________

e-mail: __________________________________________ Cell Phone ______________________


o ensemble service fee (from fee schedule) $ _______________,
o travel charges (if applicable) $ _______________

Total Payment agreed upon for service: $ __________ Amount of deposit enclosed: ___________

Payment Arrangements:

o Make Payable to: Carl Reiter 1101 E. Morrow Drive, Phoenix AZ, 85024.
o Performance Date: must be included on payment (ie. check) or your account may not be credited correctly because we file by date.
o Retainer: A nonrefundable retainer of $100.00 is due with this service agreement. Full payment is due if performance is cancelled less than 8 days prior to scheduled date.
o Balance of payment must be is due 14 days prior to the performance. The ensemble will not begin performing until remittance is made in full. Please do not send by mail that requires a signature for delivery, it will be returned as the association office is not staffed full time.

Performance Requirements:
o Chair without arms for each performer
o Access to AC power.
o Adequate room to perform: Sufficient space path for bowing: A string quartet requires at least 8' x 8'. o We cannot have people in or moving near the bow path for safety.
o Stringed instruments are delicate, which limits where a string quartet can perform. Severe weather may limit our ability to perform outside (performance limitations.) Instruments need to be kept dry and must not overheat. Therefore we cannot play where spray, or water will get on the instruments. (ie. sprinklers, rain, etc.) String instruments are also put together with a heat sensitive glue which tends to come apart when exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore total shade must be provided for any outdoor performances.

Additional expenses:
Some venues require additional fees for parking, require performance permits, or liability insurance. Please make arrangements to have those fees if any covered as they are not included in our service fee.
Below signer certifies that this service agreement has not been altered and has been printed as posted on the Phoenix String Quartet website and acknowledges the performance limitations as described on our web site.

If this performance is booked by an event agency, please let us know and no entertainment services will be solicited from client.

Signature: _________________________________ today's date. _________________.

Print above signature: ________________________